Narrative Connections    
Music and the Road

Pictured above is the front cover of "Narrative Connections - Music and the Road." The cover design was printed via the letterpress printing process and it was constructed with chipboard, bookbinding glue and linen book cloth.
The back cover of "Narrative Connections - Music and the Road" is pictured above.
An interior spread is pictured above. All interior pages were first ink jet printed. The next step in the printing process was to print the respective letterpress elements over top of the inkjet pages. The inkjet printed pages served as registration for those letterpress elements on each spread. In each spread, the letterpress printed elements were created to provide another dimension in the respective visual hierarchy.
This image is a magnified view of the spread above it.
The above spread features a snippet of song lyric text in the background which reads "Two jumps in a week, I bet you think that's…"  This line of text is a portion of the song entitled "High and Dry."
This book vacillated between the frenetic style of the spreads above this image and the simpler layout of the spread pictured above.
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