Edit - The Storymaking Process

My MFA thesis exhibition explored atypical narrative contexts in everyday life. As part of my research, though, I also took a writing workshop to learn how to write stories. I needed to learn traditional (typical) narrative in order to explore story in new and innovative ways. Edit - The Storymaking Process is a book I wrote, designed and created to document the editing process of one of the two stories I wrote in my writing workshop. I used information graphics and visual systems of color and shape to adequately document this process. My goal was to present a new way to teach students how to write stories. A strong takeaway for me was the realization that the majority of the writing process is actually editing.

The Storymaking Process
Pictured above is the front cover of the book entitled "Edit - The Storymaking Process" that I wrote, designed and bound to document the experience of what I learned after taking a fiction-writing course at San Diego State University.
This next image above is the back cover of "Edit - The Storymaking Process."
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